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The Solidarity and Social Investment Fund (FOSIS, its Spanish acronym), founded in 1990, is a part of the Ministry of Social Development.

FOSIS supports poor and extremely vulnerable people, helping them to improve their quality of life. FOSIS designs and implements programs that contribute to building a society with greater security and opportunities. Its work is focused on attaining greater social protection and economic inclusion of the most vulnerable people in Chile.

Based on the needs of the individuals and families who seek FOSIS’ support, programs are offered in three areas: Entrepreneurship, Work, and Social Development.

FOSIS programs are aimed at society’s most vulnerable groups. Families and people interested in becoming beneficiaries have the possibility of applying to programs based on their ranking in the Social Protection Scorecard. This scorecard is the tool used by the Ministry of Social Development to assess the degree of vulnerability of Chilean households. 

FOSIS offers:

• psycho-social and socio-vocational support.

• integration into the public social support network.

• social and human capital development.

• housing solutions.

• education and training for dependent and independent workers.

• promotion of microentrepreneurship.

• financial literacy.

• training to create small vegetable gardens and improve nutritional habits.

FOSIS is a government agency that designs innovative programs and initiatives to address the special characteristics of vulnerable populations and produce significant, positive impacts for its beneficiaries.


FOSIS and South-South Cooperation